Thursday, August 02, 2007

Double Standard

I heard on the radio this morning that there was a protest over a Sheriff appointment in Lowndes county. The much respected Sheriff, Willie Vaghner, died of a heart-attack a couple of weeks back. Bob Riley appointed a white man for the job, and the majority black county is very unhappy about that fact, gathering en masse to protest. At first, being the Riley dissenter I am, I saw it as being another mis-step by the politician. I was anxious to blog about his mistake, believe me...

Then, I read the article in the Montgomery Advertiser about the situation. Apparently, the white man in question, Sheriff Charles Williams, got 28% of the vote in the last Lowndes county Sheriff's election. It's not like he's some outsider, or unknown deputy, he just came in second. Although I'd love to say Bob Riley made a mistake, I don't think he did; these protesters from Lowndes county just seem racist.

I see this as an example of a double standard. America is majority caucasian. Imagine a 'protest rally' by whites against the various African American political appointments (Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justice, Surgeon General, Secretary of Commerce, etc...) simply because the person is black. They'd have those white protester's pictures labelled all over as racist hicks. So, why aren't the Lowndes county racists labelled as such?

RACIST HICKS? I think so.

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