Monday, July 09, 2007

The Saga Continues...

I finally got in touch with the person at the Montgomery Municpal Court who supposedly 'gets the mail'. After calling repeatedly for over 20 minutes of busy signal, I finally heard a human voice. They forwarded me to the mail-lady. She said she 'was working the window today' and I would have to 'call her back tomorrow'.

Here's the backstory to this one: When I got my seatbelt ticket 2 weeks ago, I didn't produce my proof of insurance fast enough for the officer. They made me pull back out into traffic before I had time to find it. I immediately pulled off into a parking lot. I called the number on the ticket to tell them I found the card and I was instructed to mail it to the the municipal court. Again, that was 2 weeks ago, today. They took payment for the seatbelt ticket the same week.

2 weeks ago, when they told me to mail in my proof of insurance, they said to call and check back in a couple days to make sure it arrived. I mailed the proof of insurance card to them 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I waited a day or two and called. They didn't have it yet. Last week when I called, they said the lady who 'gets the mail' was out all week. I guess the mail just piles up when she's not there, huh?

Bottom Line: If you're guilty, they'll take your money quick. If you're innocent, you'll have to wait to prove it.

Moral: Don't go to Montgomery. Ever. The police are inept... They've already had 23 murders this year and it's only July!

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