Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Campaign 2008

While the elections are still a ways off, I've been mulling over the current crop of presidential candidates, and, to be completely honest, not many of them seem very presidential. Libertarian candidates aside, there is only one person who seems even relatively capable of being President of the USA: Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas. He stands out because he favors so many ideas that make a country great. He is a realist and doesn't fall prey to knee-jerk reactions.

Here's his site: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and his Myspace

...and some reasons to vote for him:

...and the weak reason NOT to vote for him:
He's too 'Old Fashioned'

Another interesting fact is that Mr. Paul voted against the invasion of Iraq, making him one of the ONLY legislators in Washington to do so. As a Republican, and from Texas, no less, it seems very strange, and disconcerting, that he would do so. That is, until you realize the kind of man he is. He is thorough. He went through all the info on Iraq prior to the war, and decided there was no immediate or near future threat to the United States from anyting in Iraq. We know now that he was correct. Although I supported invading Iraq, I respect him for his very unpopular, yet accurate, stance. I'd rather have a man who was principaled enough to stand for what he knows is right, than one who'd cave to public opinion.