Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tickets and No Justice

I was pulled over by the police in Montgomery, yesterday. It took two police vehicles to give me a seatbelt ticket. Maybe I'm missing something, but are seatbelt violators considered armed-and-dangerous now? He informed me, sounding as proud as a child who finally learned to sing the alphabet song, that 'click it or ticket' was now a nationwide law. Meanwhile, across town, a pastor was murdered in his home. What a joke the MPD is. They're almost as bad as the SPD.

I now have been ticketed twice for no-seatbelt. Although I used to wear one religiously, when it became a law, I decided I wouldn't wear one. I don't think it's the job of government to be our parents. It's a dumb law that needs to be repealed.

Still no word from the police on the theft of my truck, even though I gave them all the evidence they need to arrest the suspects. Oh, but they're keeping the streets safe from seatbelt violators. Good job, police!

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