Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Credick Cart

I waited to leave the house today until McDonald's would be open. I had a real taste for an Egg McMuffin. McDonald's is supposed to be open by 6, but rarely is. I usually leave the house around 5:30ish. I got there at 6:03, and was the first person in the line. After a few minutes wait, a voice crackled on the speaker. It was the automated, "Welcome to McDonald's" robot. After a few more minutes, a human female voice crackled over the speaker. She took my order, and sent me around.

Guess what? The credit card machine 'don't be work'. And since I 'ain't gots cash' they had no idea how to take a credit card. If friggin' WHORES in the 1970s knew how to take a credit card without a card reader, you'd think employees from one of the biggest chain restaurants in the WORLD could figure it out by the year 2007. You'd think, but you'd be wrong. I had to just drive off. They were standing there, looking at me like retards. Ms. Karen was the manager's name. I shall make another complaint.

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