Thursday, June 21, 2007

Congress' 14% Approval Rating

You know you always hear about the President's approval rating. It's always, "The President's approval rating edged up after his speech," or, "The President's rating is down to the lowest point ever, 35%, due to the war" or something like that.

Well, what about Congress? Their approval rating is only 14%!!! Isn't that messed up? You'd think we'd put more emphasis on the people who DIRECTLY represent us than on a figurehead like the President. Nope.

Why are we not trying to recall all of our congressmen? I didn't vote for Bush in '04. I voted for Michael Badnarik. It doesn't hurt my feelings for the media to bad mouth Bush. Even so, I still think it's stupid for the news to constantly spout off about presidential approval ratings while congress is doing the worst job it's ever done in the history of our country.

The 2 party pork system has failed. Why can't people see that?

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