Friday, June 22, 2007

Call-In Cult

I got called in to work, last night. It was about 9:15ish. I got there about 10, and had to be there about an hour. I left about 11:15. The Chevy was cruising along Highway 80 at about 70-75mph in the fast lane, trying to make up some time for sleep when I got home, when I saw what seemed to be big white posts. I veered slightly to avoid them. Just as soon as I saw them I noticed they were attached to a half dozen black folks wearing robes or something walking along the side of the road. I missed them by inches.

It was almost midnight. They were using the big white post-looking things as walking staffs and were all in time with their movements... like the sticks were all moving together, or at least they appeared to be. I don't know what kinda cult weirdness is going on down there, but they need to wear reflective clothing or something. Or maybe not walk down the road at midnight.



Anonymous WF4B said...

Lmao they're not very smart cult people then again anybody that's stupid enough to join one in the first place deserves to be hit..

10:50 PM  

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