Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drifting Away

I drove by Drift's house Monday, while I was off. The window in his back door is busted out. His front door is broken and open. His front window is broken out, as well. The trailer looks lonely and sad.

I didn't ride by on my bike, as usual, because I've got some work to do on it. The last time I rode by was probably a few months ago on my bike. The windows were intact, then.

It was depressing. I couldn't even look back at it after I saw the front window was gone and the door wide open. I felt sick. None of those bastards would have dared go near his house while he was alive. I wanted to strangle them. If I had seen them in there, I might've had to do something bad.

I didn't stop. For one, it's too depressing. But mostly, I'm afraid that someone will say I tried to get in there. And, simply because of the ineptitude of our local law enforcement, I might wind up in trouble.

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Anonymous Wf4b said...

Yeah that's pretty well depressing bout the Drifters place bet if he knew about it he'd prolly turn over in his grave or try to come out of it and get those rat bastards

11:43 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

It sucks. It's like someone violated a part of something sacred to us.

I can remember bonfires over there...

The squirrel incident...

Talkin' bikes, music and current events...

And many, many drunken nights shootin' the shit.

Seeing it all abandoned and looted just made me see red.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous wf4b said...

Hell yeah, i need to ride over that way to see it.. But i'm like you it's kinda depressing to see something that is sacred i can't believe his family just let his place go to hell

1:22 AM  

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