Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Question Authority.

Why are people afraid to entertain thoughts beyond the scope of accepted norms? I understand why people in radical Islamic countries don't, they'd be killed, tortured, mutilated or any combination of the three. But people in our FREE country shouldn't be afraid of alternative thought. Yet, in many instances, they are.

I think I know why they're afriad. I think they're afraid of having what they've built their lives around disappearing. If you get to thinking too much about the things you've always thought of as being the truth, you might begin to see the real truth. With your foundation removed by reality, you'd be tossed into the unknown. And, of course, that's what's frightening. The unknown.

The prosperity of the modern world is built on a bubble. As innovation increases, so does the belief that there will be more. Speculation fuels credit-based investment in new innovation. One day, that credit won't pay off. That will begin the downward spiral into forced reality.

Still, we have enough in the world for every person to live comfortably. Some people make it their life's work to get more. Others just want to live and let live.

Maybe the world is full of mentally ill people. Some people have an obsessive compulsive desire to have it all. Others have inferiority complexes, and have to have what everyone else has to feel accepted. Others have some disturbing desire to be pushed around.

I suppose it's easier to hide inside mental illness than it is to accept the reality of the unknown. You gotta do something to pass the time. Until we either kill ourselves off or get killed off.