Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bad Day to be Ashley

In my most recent visit to MyDeathSpace, I noticed something somewhat interesting. After clicking the 'Most Recent Articles' link, I began scrolling down, reading the names. It was at this point I noticed a startling similarity. There were 14 girls in a row named "Ashley":

Ashley Ramsden (age 16), Griffiths (17), Milburn (17), Weant (20), Morales (16), Tuiskula (18), Barton (20), Smith (17), Waddell (15), Miller (19), Hagen (17), Delude (18), and two Ashley Martins! (15 and 20)

I guess it wasn't a good day to be a girl named Ashley who has a Myspace. What are the odds that 14 deaths in a row of Myspacers would have the first name Ashley?

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