Thursday, January 11, 2007

Linden Millions

Probably a year or so ago, I joined an online game called 'Second Life'. I wasn't able to log on to it at work, so it dropped off my radar. A while back I noticed an article on it in Popular Science. It mentioned that the currency of Second Life, called Linden Dollars, was exchangable with US Dollars. I thought that was neat, but it didn't inspire me to want to play the game.

Then, a month or two ago, I read a new article about a woman who had made the first million in Linden dollars. I thought it was a mistake. But it wasn't. She traded virtual real estate in the game until she had a quarter of a billion Linden dollars. That's exchangable for over a million REAL US Dollars! That got my attention, but still... I figured it would be hard to exchange that. Wrong.

Second Life has a money exchange... the LINDEX. It trades over a million US Dollars a day! And there are several 3rd party Linden Dollar exchanges! You have to be a member to login, but it's easy and free to join.

I don't think I'll be investing in Linden Dollars any time soon, but it is interesting.

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