Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Corporate Shakeup?

I've just aquired news from sources inside a large Fortune 500 company that a major shakeup in the way global corporate businesses operate took place over the last few days. "The house of cards is about to be exposed...", is what I was told. Certain divisions within these companies are about to have the tablecloth pulled out from under them. Only the businesses with a strong foundation will survive.

It might be just a restructuring or scaleback. It could also be an economic nuclear bomb. To follow the analogy, if enough 'houses of cards' are built side-by-side, it could result in a domino effect, wiping out whole industries.
One thing's for certain, there will be billions of dollars involved, and thousands of people affected.

I'm nervous.

UPDATE: And here come the rumors...

UPDATE: The company my company works for, General Electric's Plastics Division, is up for sale. Price Tag? $10 Billion. I'll break open the piggy bank, but I still don't think I'll have enough. The panic-stricken first paragraph or so of this post has been struck out, left only for posterity and my own amusement.

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