Monday, January 15, 2007

Bush Hogged

I had a great weekend, in spite of a couple setbacks. Firstly, I had Friday off, so that was awesome. I put a new alternator on the Mustang, and it's drivable again. It needs a tune-up, though. Didn't get a chance to change the plugs.

I was going to bush hog the field this weekend, but I had a flat. Took me all day Saturday just to get the thing outta the mud where it got stuck when it went flat. I almost had to take the bush hog off to get it out. The culprit was a broken valve stem. I meant to take a picture of it, but I got too caught up in the moment to think about it. I got my truck stuck trying to pull out the tractor, and had to get it unstuck. That woulda made an awesome picture. I managed to get my truck unstuck, but had to get my dad, w/his truck to help pull it out. After that, Matt came over with his youngun. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and ate some very good 'sketti my baby made.

We watched movies and pretty much vegitated all day Sunday. That was nice. Very nice.

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