Monday, November 20, 2006

Tentacles of the Leviathan

All I hear about in the news, now, is how the Dems and GOPers are swapping out power. Yes, the National Socialists are handing power over to the Socialist People's party. While they argue over what goes where, and which won what, the real loser is the American people. The Leviathan swaps our fates from one tentacle to the other, and we are supposed to believe it's progress, even a GOOD thing. Yeah.

This isn't the America I grew up loving. Maybe I was young and naive, but I always thought what was good would eventually prevail over evil in my country. I'm afraid I was wrong. It seems like we're a nation that allows the few to push around the many. They imply we're not intelligent enough to make the choice as to who will make decisions in our government. We've allowed them to think they rule us instead of serving us, as they should. They see themselves as kings, with fiefdoms to protect, and from whom to collect taxes and the spoils of victory. If we don't join the 'party', we're seen as outsiders, to be derided and ridiculed. If we oppose the 'party', they'll smile and tell us we have great ideas, and then, one night, we'll disappear.

"If you don't like my country, leave it!" I LOVE my country. If you're too ignorant to see that our government officials have become a perverse, controlling monopoly through the 2 party system, that's your fault, not mine. We've had it easy in this country for decades, now. We only complain if we don't have the latest video game, gadget or whatever. We've been lulled into complacency by a fraudulent 2 party system that has cooked our books for far too long, while erasing our rights, one by one. Still, as long as we get the new Wii, PSIII, or whatever floats the collective boat, we don't care.

There's still hope for good, though. We have that. We just have to get off of our lazy behinds, and fight for the freedoms for which our forefathers fought and died. We don't even have to put on a uniform... We just have to think for ourselves, and VOTE!