Monday, November 06, 2006

The Least of Evil

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will go to the polls and waste their votes on a two party system candidate, while the best candidate for the job receives only a handful of votes. Listening to NPR earlier, I heard a news reporter say "the two candidates are" in a race that I knew had at least 4 candidates. She only named the Democratic and Republican candidates. I rolled my eyes.

This country has over 300 million people! Don't you think we can field a few more than 2 candidates for our elections?

On the local level, party affiliation is almost wasted. Politicians flip-flop from one party to the other as popular opinion sways. Do you think those people have the best interests of the people in mind when they run for office? If you think that, you, dear reader, are a moron! If you were to peer into their mind's eye, it's dollar signs they see, not happy families or a successful constituency. They don't care what happens to you, as long as they get your vote.

Yet, you still vote for them. You campaign for them. You almost come to blows over the 'red vs. blue' argument. You are an idiot.

In the old days, the two party system seemed to work better. There were limited resources for advertising a candidate. An individual getting his or her ideology out to the public was time-consuming, and candidates only had limited time to campaign. Unless the candidate was independently wealthy, widely know for his or her views, or owned media outlets, attaching themselves to an organized party that could speak for them, as well as help fund their campaign was the only viable option.

That's simply not the case, anymore. Now, every candidate for any political position can start a blog, or website showcasing his or her ideas. Political websites span the spectrum of ideology. Any host of platform combinations exist. Why, then, aren't we seeing more logical candidates being elected to the positions for which they are most suited?

The problem is us. We're sheep. We no longer think for ourselves. We follow public opinion just as much as the entrenched politicians. We treat each little manufactured scandal as if it's an addition to the Bible. I hate it. I hate hearing about some politician's marital infidelity, or when he or she mis-speaks. I don't CARE! I want a person who is best for the job doing the job!

The 2 party system is antiquated and useless. Democrats and Republicans are identical twins, only separated by a few wrinkles here and there. Why settle for them, when you can have someone who is EXACTLY what you want???