Monday, November 13, 2006

Iraq, Space, OSF and Dirty Signs

A few random thoughts before I move into the work week...

Weekend: I had a great weekend. I can now say several dirty things without speaking.

Iraq: There are three options. First, we can 'stay the course' as has been the catch phrase, anti-catch phrase for the last couple of weeks. That means staying there indefinately. Secondly, we can pull out, leaving the country open to civil war, and possible a less-friendly, more evil regime. Lastly, we can send in more troops to clean up the areas of resistance. None of these options are pleasant. Whoever makes a decision to do any of these will bear a negative impact.

Space: Probably the only legitimate expense our government incurs. US government research into space tech has brought the world most of the innovation in the last half-century. It is the duty of an intelligent race to explore the unkown.

OSF: Hopefully, in the coming year OSF will play more than just a Halloween show.

Exams: I have finals this week! That means no school next week!!!