Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Green Gazebo

As I walked through the cube farm on the way to my office a few minutes ago, I noticed the roof of the gazebo just outside the window. It was green and mossy, covered by an oak tree that has grown up next to it. I thought of how the gazebo will one day rot, unless it's moved.

Then, for a fraction of a second, it addled my mind. Not that it was all that remarkable, but it reminded me of being a kid. Because, as a kid, I remember seeing things like that, and being awestruck by the bright greens overtaking the dull brown wood.

Things like that are appreciated only by kids. Children are constantly seeing things for the first time. They aren't old and cynical yet. I just looked at that roof and pictured it as decay. A child would have looked at it and seen it as something new and cool.