Friday, November 17, 2006


I caught the launch of the AlJazeera english speaking news network last night. I was very impressed with their impartiality. I really expected more of a mid-eastern slant, or at least a Muslim slant. It's odd watching news that's not Anglo-centric. Once, the US ruled international news coverage. We had the technology, we had the best reporters, and, most importantly, we were the most impartial and objective. AlJazeera showed me, last night, that they have moved close to the font, if not ahead of us already. While our news focuses on partisan political news, slanting either to the left or right of the American political spectrum, AlJazeera has a diverse, strong news program that caters to no one. They have reporters that are accepted by friend and foe. Likewise, their reporters are also derided by friend and foe as well.
I need to qualify my review here, though. I only watched for a few minutes, due to connection speed, and bandwidth issues. As soon as my connection was lost, there may have been a terrorist on there proclaiming 'Death to America!' like the MadTV skit. From what I saw it was interesting and impartial, though.