Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aloha and Lawn Darts

The Tide Rolled. I enjoyed the game. The new look of the stadium is sweet, too. The walk-of-champions or whatever it's called was really cool. That's the most people I can ever remember seeing in my life. And I've been to quite a few college football games. Outside the stadium reminded me of the traffic in foreign countries. The crush of people was somewhat suffocating, yet not life-threatening. lol. Inside the stadium was much better.

My family got together for Labor Day. We had bar-b-que and 'tater salad. The kids swam. My Dad got out the Jarts, something I haven't seen in probably 20 years. One of the darts had a dry rotted fin, but it still worked fine with only 2. We swapped up to make it fair. I love playing with deadly toys. I could just imagine the younguns running around with one of those lawn darts stuck in their heads, unaware that it's there.

Jarts are fun.