Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rapid Retard

Got all registered up yesterday. Classes start today. My first class is tonight. Calculus. Oh, joy. I also have 2 classes on Monday, a Tuesday class, and makeup Wednesdays.

I really should stretch this mess out. Take a couple classes a semester. Preferrably on the same night, so I don't have to waste more than 2 nights a week in school. Somebody remind me of that before next semester.

What are makeup Wednesdays, you ask? Each week one class meets two nights. So your Monday class meets Monday and Wednesday one week, your Tuesday class meets Tuesday and Wednesday the next, and finally the Thursday night class meets Wednesday and Thursday. If I only had a Thursday night class, I'd only have to go 2 nights a week once week a month. As it stands, I have to go 4 nights a week, every week.