Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gas Gouge

So there's a pipeline leak in Alaska. I heard them talking about it on NPR last evening on my way home from work. The reporter was interviewing a BP rep. The rep was apologizing for how this will affect the American people. I shuddered. Then, I got pissed. This guy was a liar. He insinuated it would affect gas prices globally. A pipeline in Alaska, which pretty much only supplies the west coast, is going to affect global gasoline prices. I remember this exact same type of issue occurring back around the time gas prices fell BELOW ONE DOLLAR! How is that? Why are gas prices really increasing? GREED!

How is it that a pipeline leak in AK is affecting gas prices in SELMA, AL overnight, when the pipeline hasn't even been turned off yet? It will take 5 days to shut it down. And they're not even certain how long it's been leaking. They didn't even know there was a leak until a worker smelled the crude oil while working on the pipeline. They're gouging our wallets, and our eyes out when we see the new gas prices every morning.

Mr. BP PR man is a lying pimp. Reporters are idiots for letting him and others get away with it. It's as if the reporters don't want to do their homework, they just want to be the first to tell the bad news. It makes me want to slap somebody.