Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bama Season Predictor

With football season around the corner, I felt inspired to do some football researching. I looked at all the stats for Alabama's players, and the stats of their opponents. It took about a week, on lunch and breaks. Then, I crunched and plugged all the numbers into a computer simulator. Voila!

Vs. Hawaii 37-27 W
Vs. Vandy 21-30 L(!)
Vs. UL Monroe 37-31 W
@ Arkansas 29-17 W
@ Florida 17-27 L(Bad defense)
Vs. Duke 29-27 W
Vs. Ole Miss 16-3 W
@ Tennessee 8-7 W(safety!)
Vs. Florida Intl 27-24 W
Vs. Miss St 9-7 W
@ LSU 33-10 W(Our D ate 'em up, scoring 14)
Vs. Auburn 27-14 W

I doubt the season will look much like this, but it was interesting to watch the computer play whole games, even though it was in matrix-like text. Simulators aren't capable of modifying the team if something happens, and can't really 'coach'. Still, if only numbers and history are correct, the above is what is statistically likely to happen. Being a Bama fan, I would like to see them win ALL their games. And NOT lose to Vandy!