Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Worthless Diamonds

I was reading this article in my June issue of Popular Science over the weekend, and I just had to blog it. I've always said I didn't like diamonds for jewelery. They're just plain and boring. The only reason they have any value is because the DeBeers own a monopoly on the dang things. Now diamonds can be grown in a lab. Flawless, and more perfect than most mined diamonds, not even jewelers will be able to tell them apart. DeBeers is going to start BRANDING their diamonds to let consumers know that they are mined diamonds. But what about the diamonds already out there?

And why did someone figure out how to grow a diamond? So his wifey-poo could have a big rock for less? NO. The answer is SCIENCE! They are perfect for semiconductors to make even SMALLER electronic devices, and in optical applications, the hardest substance is a pretty good choice for scratch and warp resistance.

If you want something pretty to adorn your body, why not get a ruby, emerald or sapphire? They are more rare in nature, and more interesting to look at. Diamonds are a fraud, and always have been. Since their PR campaign of the late 19th century, the DeBeers have been riding the wave of ignorant Americans who think diamonds are the only way to get married, or to show wealth in jewelery. Diamonds are, at best, a semi-precious stone.