Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top and Bottom, 5 Days

The beach was nice. The scenery was nice. I wacked some huge dude with a football on the beach. Matt was trying to stop it before it hit, but he wound up looking like he did it. The dude turned around and looked all angry at Matt. I busted out laughing... Matt had an 'oh $hit' look on his face. The dude looked at me, looked at Matt, and his anger turned to annoyance. That was rich.

We went to see the Velcro Pygmies at Live Bait Friday night. The line was really long to get in the club, so we stood on the boardwalk and listened. I got tired of it after about 30 minutes, and we decided to leave. As we were walking to the truck, I noticed 2 sets of couples walking behind us. They were being a little loud, but not too noticeable until we got up to the truck. I heard a commotion about that time, and turned around to see the female in the rear couple stagger and fall flat on her face.

The other couple turned around to see if they could help, and the guy with her offered her his hand. "NO!", she yelled. She managed to upright herself, and staggered around in a circle for a second. Just as the couple and her guy friend were about to grab her, she unexpectedly dropped 'trou' right there in front of God and everybody. She sqatted, and the torrent of urine began.

By this time, Matt and I were already in the truck, and he was backing out. Her business finished, she stood up and tried to pull her pants up. She couldn't. Her legs were spread too far apart, and her pants were too tight. The last I saw, she continued to struggle with her pants, showing what God gave her to all passersby, as Matt and I made it into the flow of traffic in the parking lot. We passed a cop as we left. I hope she had her pants up by the time he drove by.

When we left Live Bait, we went to a club called the Keg. They had a little live band playing, as well. As we watched the band, and the drunken, dancing revellers, an attractive young lady and a somewhat annoyed looking young man walked out onto the dance floor. She staggered around, almost falling, were it not for him catching her. Without warning, she snatched open the leather vest she was wearing. The poor boyfriend was forced to hold her to his chest, and 'dance' her out of the club.

Top and bottom in one night. Liquor, music, and loose women. lol.

Oh yeah... 5 days to 100.