Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summer Horror

In Japan, the summer is a time for ghost stories, and cemetary scariness. At least that's what they told me when I was there. Since school is out, summer is coming up, and I like scary stuff anyway, I figure I'll do the Japanese thing, and blog something about scary stories. I'll start with movies...

Here are my top 10 scary movies. These are the movies that scared me the most when I saw them for the first time...

1. The Exorcist - I thought Linda Blair would chase me down the hall everytime I had to go to my room in the dark, as a kid. This was/is the scariest movie I've ever seen, or heard of. I still don't watch it alone.
2. Salem's Lot - Old carrot tooth. I just KNEW that little boy was gonna come to my room, and float in my window one night.
3. Dawn of the Dead - The zombies were right outside my room. I knew they were gonna just knock the walls down and come on in. I think the 1970's mall in the movie looked too familiar. It had an apocalyptic feeling.
4. Nightmare on Elm Street - The movie kept me from sleeping. And made me wonder if I was sleeping. Total classic fear inducing horror.
5. It Lives - I couldn't even watch the whole movie as a kid. It was horrific.
6. Phantasm - The little silver balls with blades on 'em. Green stuff coming out instead of blood. Twitch.
7. The Shining - A very disturbing movie. I almost wanted to side with Jack Nicholson's character. That made me really scared.
8. Poltergeist - The movie that made me not hang my legs over the side of the bed to this day.
9. The Thing - I had to sleep with my cousin after we watched this movie one night. I just knew she was about to turn into the 'Thing'.
10.The Ring - The only movie I've watched as an adult that made me lose sleep. I was nervous for a whole week. Seriously. lol.

There are others that didn't scare me as much, but I liked anyway:
Psycho - I wanted to be Anthony Perkins in this movie. He was a scary sumbeyatch.
Night of the Living Dead - Black and white w/grainy black blood. The little girl stabbing her mother to death with a garden spade. Awesomeness.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The dude in the wheelchair gettin' it. That sealed this as one of the best all time for me.
Fright Night - The chick's smile. OMG. That smile.
Carrie - One of the best movies ever, in my opinion. Yes, I was on Carrie's side.
and of course the staples of Friday the 13th and Halloween. I was always pulling for Jason or Michael.