Monday, May 22, 2006

Gone with the Wah

Been meaning to blog this for a few days...

I am just now realizing a recurring theme in my dreams. It took someone who doesn't have any preconceived notions of who I am, and doesn't know those I've been with to notice it. Here it is: Her analysis of my dreams with relation to women I've been with...

..."Thats a pattern..girls you like on monuments falling off of them. And you there looking or finding em after it happens. lol hmm I'd intrepret that as...they are doing outlandish Scarlet behavior in their lives and you think you're Rhett having to protect them...from THEMSELVES. Their own choices. Remember that Scarlet hurt Rhett alot with her behavior.

Gone with the Wind characters are good for analogies. Its your analogy....But this is what I think cause it just hit me with those dreams. Your core is Ashley W. Thats who you identify with more. But if somebody wasnt careful they would miss it. Like i Cause you got some Rhett traits that stand out.

You are looking for Melanie. Scarlet keeps tripping you up. She's too fickle, sporadic and dangerous for you to feel comfortable with. Notice how you keep leaving all the scarlets too. Melanie is who you really want. You do have Ashley's backbone of steel to keep being able to get of rid of Scarlet over and over. No small feat. She's pretty difficult to deal with. Does that have truth to it?"...

I think she's dead on. And Gone With the Wind is a good movie.


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