Monday, May 15, 2006

Buffalo Meat & Divorced Parents

I went over to Montgomery with my cousin Matt for some grub last night. We went to Smokeybones and had some buffalo. It was good, I reckon. After that, we went over to 1048 for some live jazz. That was cool, too. On the way home, Matt brought up the subject of relationships with women from broken homes. It got me to thinking.

I started out trying to think of the relationships I've had with women from broken homes. Then, I started trying to think of any that weren't from broken homes. I couldn't. Every girl I've ever been with has come from a divorced family! Then I started trying to think of any girls I know that have come from an unbroken family. Besides my cousins and sisters, I couldn't.

What's up with that? Matt made that point that they probably have some sort of insecurity about themselves that stems from having parents who weren't willing to stay with them. I brought up the point that maybe they just aren't as willing to make things work as someone from a functional family. If something about a marriage/relationship displeases them, they feel like it's ok to just call it quits. It's like if you find out your parent did something when they were younger, you are more likely to do it because they are your role model. Luckily, I've always been able to discern that character flaw early enough to get out without too many strings attached.

Now I'm wondering if there ARE any women who's parents never got divorced. That has never really been a criteria by which I discerned what I wanted in a woman, but I'm beginning to wonder if it should be. I've never put that 2+2 together and realized I've always been with girls from divorced parents.

And why have I always been attracted to women who've come from divorced parents? Are they more loose morally? Is that the attribute to which I'm attracted? I don't think so. Maybe they just keep themselves better. They know they'll have to be looking for another man soon, so they keep themselves up. Young women who's parents have always been together might believe a man should like them for who they are more than how they look. They aren't as concerned with catching another guy all the time. They want a longer term commitment. But I don't think I'm that superficial.

Honestly, I'm wracking my brain, but I can't think of one girl around my age who's parents haven't been divorced, or had some sort of infidelity in the family. I can think of some that might, but I guess when your parents stay together, you don't advertise it. That's weird, too. Girls from broken homes broadcast it.

I think my next relationship, if I ever HAVE another relationship (at this point, I'm very happy by myself), I'll try to find a girl from a normal family.