Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Road Rage

I just about went 'one percenter' on this dude Saturday. He tried to run me over with his car. I was doing about 80 or so, just cruisin' down the road on my scoot, and he was up ahead, going about 60-70. I signaled to pass. He apparently didn't like the idea of being passed, so, as I pulled along side him, he sped up to match my speed. There was a car coming the opposite direction on the two-lane highway, so I sped up a little to make the pass. He tried to speed up again, so I hit the throttle a little more, and sped past him, doing probably 100mph, or more. A few miles later, I slowed down to make a turn. I see him in the mirror, coming up fast, I guess probably 100 or so. Before I could turn, he brushed past me, almost hitting my leg.

My nuts 'swoll' up, my face got red and I twisted the throttle so hard that the front wheel came up for a second. I was up beside him in less than a second, cussing and flicking him off. He turned his head away from me, and kinda leaned back behind the window-jam. We came up to a traffic light, and I really let into him, putting the kickstand down and almost getting off my bike before the light changed. When I realized he wasn't gonna look at me, and was probably about to shit himself, I hit the throttle and made a sharp pass in front of him. He backed off considerably. When I finally made my turn, he wasn't to be seen in my mirror.