Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Dreams

It's Easter, and I'm at work. Not like I'd be doing anything today, anyway. Maybe ridin'... But I rode my bike to work, and I'll have to ride it home, so I got some riding in, anyway.

I had a couple of wack dreams Friday night. The first dream was sexual in nature. The woman in the dream looked familiar. She had long, straight, dark hair, her skin was of the color that looks like a light tan, but you can tell it's her natural skin color. And her eyes... whoa! Her eyes were blue, and looked like stained-glass windows with a light shining behind them. She started to mount me, and I asked her if it was wrong for us to be together. That's when she told me, "God wouldn't have given you to me if it wasn't meant for us to be together." I woke up from that dream feeling good, and justified, and I have no idea why.

I had been asleep on the couch up until that point. I got up and went to my bed, and had another weird, although non-sexual dream. In the second dream, I was trying to find a place to stay, and this girl invited me to stay in an abandoned house on her parent's property. Her father said it was ok, as long as I was safe down there.

I guess I should explain how everything looked, and was situated in the dream. The girl's house was on the top of a hill. Towards the bottom of the hill, down a gravel driveway, was the place in which I was to stay. The girl's house had a carport on the left side, with an old looking Chevy Malibu from the '70s or late '60s parked in it. The place where I was staying was old and dusty, and somewhat cramped. It looked like it may have been a bunkhouse for hunters at some time. There were several bunkbeds. I only really remember 2 rooms from the place: The bedroom, which had the door leading outside, and another room that you had to step up to enter.

Shortly, I learned that there was a serial killer on the loose, and I told the girl I was afraid to be down there in that place by myself. She told me to mess the place up, and make it look like someone had broken in, and her dad would let me sleep on the couch in their house. So, from somewhere, I procured blood, and splashed it on the walls of the little bunkhouse. Apparently, after that, I went riding on my bike. When I pulled up to it after having taken a ride on my motorcycle, the dad was in the bunkhouse. He told me I couldn't stay in there anymore, because he was afraid the serial killer had used that place.

We went up to the main house, and I sat down on the couch. He disappeared into the other part of the house, and I sat watching TV in a small den area. I tried to get comfortable, and take a little nap. About the time I was about to fall asleep (remember, I'm dreaming this, and I'm falling asleep in my dream... that's just plain weird) the dad busts into the room, drunk. He starts in on the girl about something, and begins screaming at her. I was kinda afraid. Suddenly, I realize I'm the serial killer. The blood I had sprayed on the wall was from my victims. I couldn't believe it. The father didn't know. The girl didn't know. I woke up.