Thursday, April 27, 2006

Don't Look Back

It's been a busy semester. There are a few things I've been running over in my head I wanted to blog about. I just haven't had the time to externalize them. My last final is tonight, so I'll kick 'em around a little today, between work and study.

My buddy, (and bass player in our band at the time) Josh, and I were in Birmingham back in 1997, looking for a recording studio. We were going to check it out and see if we wanted to record with our band there. The directions the guy gave us were a little vague, making it difficult to find. Josh pointed down a road, and I turned. About 200 yards down the road, we realized it was the wrong road. He suggested I turn around. "NO WAY!", I said. "I never backtrack."

I've made it a policy my whole life to not backtrack. I try to never turn around and go back. I always want to be moving forward. No putting it in reverse, and retracing my steps. I've done that enough times in my life. It brings that nostalgic, reminiscent feeling. Nostalgia can be just plain depressing to me. I don't wanna relive the same crap over and over again. Sometimes, I find myself on the same stretch of road again, because I've gone in a circle. I try not to do that... but at least I've seen other things while I was on the loop. And sometimes, things have changed. Most of the time, they haven't, though.