Monday, April 17, 2006

Bike Notes

I've put over 3000 miles on my bike since I bought it last month. That's a lot of riding. I put about 90 miles on it to work and back every day. Going to school adds a little bit. I ride a lot on the weekends, too. When I get off work sometimes, I'll just ride for a few hours if I don't have school. Still, I can't believe I've put over 3k+ miles on it already. It's gettin' close to time for an oil change!

Fuel economy is right at 45mpg. I think it varies between 40 and 50mpg. I have to fill up every day, and the avg. mpg is about 45. I rough calculate it in my head when I get gas, so it may be a mpg or two above or below. It's still at least twice as good as my other vehicles. The Saturn, when it was new, got over 30 highway mpg. But not the last time I drove it. The only drawback to riding the bike, so far, is bug spatter. It gets all over my face and clothes.

I have a couple of helmets... one full face (the chrome one), and a black 'brain pan'. I like to wear the brain pan for asthetics. I can hear better, see better, and people can see me better, too. Problem is, it takes a longer time to get ready to go with it. If I'm riding to work, I have to put something over my face, or I'll look like flypaper-face man by the time I get there. I also gotta adjust the chinstrap on it every time. The full face one I just pop on and go. It's also warmer early in the morning.