Thursday, March 09, 2006

'I Got Caught'

I was about to go down to the Amoco to buy my greasy lunch today, when someone who was returning from there told me to look at the cashier's tee-shirt. I gave them a strange look, said, "OK", and walked on out to my truck. When I walked in the store, I noticed her odd t-shirt. It read, "I GOT CAUGHT". Reading the smaller print underneath, it became apparent that she had been caught selling cigarettes to minors by the ABC. Seems our wonderful government thinks it makes sense to give a t-shirt to someone who breaks the law. Damn, I want one of those t-shirts. I tried to find one online, so I could get the design. It has writing on the back that looks all official and is full of acronyms. If I find one, I'll scan it and put it on the blog, here.

Turns out, the whole thing had been like a set-up. An ABC agent pulled up with a minor female, and told them to go buy cigarettes. As the girl walked out of the store with the smokes, the agent busted in. Damn, that had to suck. I don't know if they got fined, or what else happened.


I went back to the Amoco the next day and asked the cashier about what happened. Fact of the matter is, the shirt is for people who DON'T sell cigarettes to minors. She DIDN'T sell them to a minor. She was rewarded with a T-Shirt for passing. But the shirt says 'I GOT CAUGHT'. That's weird.