Monday, February 27, 2006


I've been seeing 'Flex-fuel' commercials for GM on TV for the last couple of weeks. They make it seem as if they're doing this for the good of the country... fact is, the GOVERNMENT made them outfit diesels as flex-fuel years ago. All they had to do was outfit them with hoses that would not degrade if in extended contact with organic fuels. Diesel engines were invented to run on peanut oil, to start with. That was over 100 years ago!

This country doesn't produce enough corn to supply every vehicle on the road with a flex-fuel. The price will never allow that. The supply/demand curve would always show a shortage. True, however, is the fact that we could have both petroleum and renewable fuels. While GM may not have had completely altruistic motives for their recent commercials, at least they are advertising something that has the potential eliminate a part of our reliance on foreign oil.