Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I heard a song on the radio earlier today that made me wax nostalgic. After doing so, the internet called with it's myriad sources for memory re-education. The 'net, as it is prone to do, piqued my interest in the whole 'Generation X' culture. Gen X, it seems, is a group of people now considered a 'for-real' generation. Like the baby boomers before them, Gen Xers have a birth range. It's disputed, but most agree that if you were born between the years 1965 and 1977 you are at the heart of Gen X. The periphery range stretches a few years in either direction, but the main consensus is that you must have spent at least one of your teen years in the 1980s to have had the full GEN X experience. 1964 is kinda out because it's considered the last year of the 'baby boom'.

Where Baby Boomers had 'Hippies', Gen X had 'Slackers'. Where hippies searched for some sort of spiritual, religious high, slack was mostly agnostic or atheistic. It had it's own anti-religion, called the Church of the Subgenius. An early '80s television show heralded 'Bob', or J.R. Dobbs; a floating head reminiscent of 1950s pop art, with a pipe in his mouth. Bob Dobbs was something to the sub-genius. Subgenius' await the Rupture, said to occur on July 5, in the past. The first descriptions of Gen X describes Gen X, in part, as kids who 'sleep together before they are married, don't believe in God, and don't respect parents'. They are also, 'lazy, unmotivated, uninspired' and 'unreliable'. Damn slackers!

Gen X is known by a few other monikers: The Whatever Generation, The 13th Generation, The Halloween Generation, The Crisis Generation, The Burnt Generation, The E Generation, the Glastnost-Perestroyka, the Baby-Bust and simply the 90's generation. While it sounds familiar, the 'Y Generation' is not to be confused with Gen X. Y Gen is composed of those born after Gen X. I even found references to a Generation 'Z'. I suppose they'll probably be called the GEN2K, eventually.

Here is a list of the known popular names of recent generations of mankind:
{Generation Z, Millennial Generation, Generation Fat, iGeneration, New Adaptive Generation, New Silent Generation, Digital Generation} 1997-???
The 'Y' Generation 1979-1996
Generation X 1964-1978
Baby Boomers (Generation Jones) 1946-1964
The Silent Generation (G.I. Generation) 1925-1945
The Lost Generation 1883-1924
Missionary Generation 1860-1882
Progressive Generation 1843-1859
Gilded Generation 1822-1842