Friday, October 14, 2005

Individual, Categorical Rebelliousness

I don't wanna be in a category. By saying I don't wanna be in a category, I place myself in the category of people who don't want to be categorized. Sometimes I piss myself off no matter what I say. I really just want to have fun and do the stuff that seems fun to me while it's still fun. If that alienates people, so be it.

I've been tired of music since about 1998, and wanted no part of it since shortly thereafter. I've been kinda rejuvinated since listening to guys around here making good music. Their hopefulness and energy has me wanting to do more than just sit at the house, staring angrily at my musical junk. I still get pissed off at myself for caring, but it's not the stabbing, throbbing anger it once was.