Wednesday, October 26, 2005


View the Planets up close: Says Jupiter only 11x larger than Earth.

The Solar System: School educational website that incorrectly states that Jupiter is only 11x larger than Earth.

Planets: Incorrectly states that Jupiter is "11 times bigger than Earth".

Planet Tour: Educational site that states Jupiter is 'More than 11 times larger than Earth', which is technically correct, but misleading.

Jupiter: States Jupiter is 11x larger than Earth.

Ask a Scientist: Cornell University Q&A section that is misleading.

Explorit Science: Another misleading '11x bigger' statement on a science site.

NASA: Hour of the Planets: Incorrectly states that Jupiter is 70x times bigger around than Earth. In fact, Jupiter's circumference is 11x the circumference of earth. If they meant something like the area inside the equatorial circumference, which is the area of the cirlce lying in the plane that would be visible if you cut a planet along it's equator, the Earth's would fit over 125 times inside the area of the circle created by Juiptier's equator. My guess is that NASA meant to say that the circumference of Jupiter is 70x that of the radius of Earth. Why they would need to express that fact is beyond me.