Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sex and Cigarettes... Dream Vol. II

Again with the dreaming. This dream was very different from the dream of the night before. Although the female in the dream may have been the same.

In the dream, I was supposed to be telling this girl how she looked. She pulled her shirt off, baring her chest. She had the most perfectly shaped breasts. They weren't large. On one of them, the nipple was different, but it didn't seem to phase me at all. They were both pointing upward. Whatever it was, it really turned me on. I couldn't resist, I leaned over as if to kiss her cheset. I saw her react and stopped. She wanted me to tell her what I thought of her. I told her she had the most perfect body I had ever seen, and that her breasts were perfect. Then, without warning, I leaned over and took one her nipples with my lips. She seemed taken by surprise but relented any opposition to my advance. She pulled me to the ground, and begged me to be inside her. I remember her skin was soft, oiled and slick; what little light there was reflected on her skin.

After that, I remember lots and lots of cigarettes. Different brand names. I remember Camel Turkish Silvers. And some red-boxed generic cigarettes that tasted like Checkers. I could TASTE these cigarettes, as if I were actually smoking. When I woke up, I thought I had been smoking.

I remember taking her home or something, also. The place looked so familiar. Like a suburb I've seen, or knew someone who lived there. That's the nature of dreams, though. They mix all the stuff up in your mind.