Thursday, September 15, 2005

'Nother .txt File 'Selfhate'

I found another .txt file from long ago. Man, I was angry when I wrote this. It's stupid. Just like me!


Were it up to me, there would be no living soul left to occupy this earth. You would all be exterminated and eradicated in a most heinous fashion. You would all have your lives plucked from your worthless, pitiful bodies, and be laid to waste as the perverse mostrosities you are. In case you haven't noticed, I hate you.

I sit here, a mere mortal maggot amongst maggots; eating the rotting, decaying flesh of a putrid civilization I long to see come to a violent end. My worthless fingers, recording the thoughts of a skeleton containing the refuse of the universe, appear to me as hideous tentacles reaching out to rape and maim. My face shows the markings of a madman; the circles under my eyes exposing the insanity inherent in my humanity. In case you are too ignorant to understand this, the point I'm making is that I hate myself.

These tepid longings I have felt for far too long. This insipidness of spirit can stand no longer, as I am angered to the point where I must take action. Were I the ruler of a nation in possession of implements of destruction, I would declare war against the world in an attempt to destroy us all. I feel such hatred and malice. I can't understand it.

You vile speculum! Take your yellow phlegm disgust and never darken my door. Never look in my direction. Never step in my path. Never heed the words of one who would have you interact with me. Never allow yourself to think my thoughts, or speak my words. Get away from me for the sake of the lies you choose to call your reality, or I will kill you.

Meandering wastes of reticula, having form but no function, you spin, spit, sputter and utter profane things that are only profane to yourselves; created only to allow your profanity to exist. Your precious progeny emulating your wasteful imaginings as you mentally metastasize them into existence. I don't care. Die already. They mean even less to me than you do.