Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Evil Rising

I don't know what it is. I feel invigorated! I think it's because I can feel Autumn in the air. Or maybe it's because I feel the call of my favorite holiday: the ole' SAMHAIN, ALL HALLOW'S EVEN, ALL SAINT'S, HELL NIGHT, HALLOTIDE, HALLOWEEN!!!

I always take the day off. This year, I might have to take 2 days off, because the 31st is on a Monday. I feel the spirits gettin' ready for a good one this year. My yard has all grown up... It'll be great.

Halloween is so awesome. It's the only night I can truly be myself. Take that however you want. I'm almost afraid of what might happen.

I just want to stand outside, right now, and soak up this weather. I'm gonna have to go find some weird places or something to hang out. Maybe I'll go hang out at the Cahaba cemetary. I don't know, though. I want to find someplace new.