Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Concordia Football

Here's the schedule for Concordia's Football team this year. I've popped in the scores of the games already played. We lost a heartbreaker to DIV II NCAA Millsaps in our last game. Millsaps is coached by SEC Coach of the Year and former Alabama head coach Mike Dubose. They had us by 14, but we scored 2 TDs in the last few minutes. All we needed was the extra point to tie. They blocked it, but it wasn't over. We kicked off and held 'em to 3 and out. There was close to a minute on the clock when they punted. THEN, we fumbled the punt. They recovered. Game over, man, game over. Shoulda beat 'em. We need to make Webber Int'l University pay this weekend. It's our second home game. The 1st home game we played, we routed Atlantic College 75-8.