Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bungee Splat Remembered

Someone just told a joke that reminded of something that happened when some friends of mine and I went to Gatlinburg a long time ago. It was right after the whole bungee craze started, and a couple of my friends wanted to jump. This was before they had the places specifically for bungee jumping. Back then, they were setting up bungee jumps everywhere. This one was beside a resturaunt, it seems.

Anyway, my first friend jumped, and we were all laughing and taking pictures of him. When they let him down, he jumped off the air mat thing and laid on the ground, with his tongue sticking out. We all ran up there posing and acting like he had hit the ground to take funny pictures.

Less than a second later, some fat dude comes running out of the resturaunt yelling about how he is a registered nurse, "get out of the way" and all that bull. We laughed him to scorn. It took a second for him to realize that no one was hurt, and that we weren't laughing at a dead body. He sounded like he was gonna cry. "Not a funny joke, guys," he said before he sulked off.