Friday, September 02, 2005

3 Dollar Gas Rant pt.II

Sitting on the front porch at a friend's house a few weeks ago, I predicted runs on gas stations in the near future. Yesterday, I was informed by some coworkers from Montgomery that there were huge lines at gas stations, where gas prices were growing to almost 6 dollars a gallon. If a guy like me, with only a HS education and a few years of college can see that coming, why can't our overeducated government?

As for New Orleans... I hear on the radio there is lawlessness there. Explosions rock the partially-submerged city. In the Superdome, multiple homicides take place daily. Everyone was ordered out of the city days ago. This is only a foretaste. When the police are no longer able to put gas in their patrol cars, anarchy will reign. This could lead to something more sinister.

It may get to the point where only 'key' individuals are allowed to have gas. With the crooks we've elected in office, you can guess who would get the gas. "Only during this energy crisis," they'll claim. Then, when the crisis rolls on, they'll declare that only the government controlled armed forces can have fuel. They'll need it to put down our 'rebellions' when we try to take back what is ours.

Good-bye freedom.