Friday, September 02, 2005

3 Dollar Gas and New Orleans

I paid 3 bucks a gallon for gas this morning. There's just no need for gas to be that expensive. Why is gas so expensive now? There isn't anything wrong with our petroleum supply chain. Sure, Katrina hurt a little, but this has been happening since well before that. There is no need for gas to be over $1.50 a gallon even in the worst case scenario. It's like they are looking for any excuse to raise prices. If our government doesn't do something in a hurry, I'm afraid we're going to see riots like this country has never seen before. There is such a great percentage of people who commute long distances to work. Those people will soon not be able to afford going to work. The domino effect is already starting.

Bush has heavy interest in the petroleum industry. He isn't worried about the coming fuel crisis. It just means more money for him and his. He's out of touch with the backbone of the US economy: the working man. He could give an executive order limiting the price of fuel, or ordering alternative fuels to be made available. He just doen't seem to see the need.

The blame can be shared by the president, but the real blame falls on our senators and representatives. These elected officials haven't been looking out for our best interests. They've been looking out for their own. Energy lobbies padding pockets, robbing us to give money to the people who are supposed to be representing us.

Since we elected these crooks, the responsibility for change falls to us. We need to write our senators and representatives. We need to tell them to get to work, or get out. (CONT. BELOW)