Monday, August 29, 2005

Technicolor Killer Dreaming

I had a strange, colorful and frightening dream last night. I was at my house, or something somewhat resembling my house, but slightly off. A girl who liked me came over with her boyfriend/husband/lover or whatever he was to her. We were sitting around talking when he started going on about being an outlaw. He said the police were after him. They had been tracking him down.

Just then, a plainclothes detective came up my driveway. He started calling out to the boyfriend guy. He had probable cause to search my house. If he found the guy, I knew they could get me for obstruction of justice. Suddenly, I realized the boyfriend was dead. I had killed him. Now I KNEW I couldn't let the police search my house. I pulled my pistol, and before I knew what I was doing, shot the detective in the forehead. Dark red blood poured from his nose and mouth; his eyes rolled into his head. He dropped to his knees facing left, and faceplanted in the grass beside my driveway. Dead.

We dealt with the boyfriend first. We cut him up into pieces and put them into plastic bags. We took the bags out on the highway and dumped them on the side of the road. I remember being upset that she didn't throw the bag with his head in it into a ditch. When we got back, we took care of the detective. His light blue shorts sticking up in the air looked like a sack of some sort. It was almost comical. We were worried that someone would have seen him while we disposed of the boyfriend. No one had noticed him, though, and we disposed of him in the same fashion as the 'outlaw'.

Afterwards, we talked about how we'd probably get caught. While we talked, my view went up above my house and began to slowly spin. While spinning, time seemed to move forward. When my view began to come back down, I noticed my grass was a vibrant green, and dotted with 4' x 7' rectangles of different colored grass. I noticed the girl was now older, and wearing a skirt circa 1950. Her smile indicated that we were now a happy couple, and had been together a while. It was apparent that it was now the future, and we hadn't been caught. The large rectangles of grass in different shades seemed an ominous sign.