Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back to School

I'm a full-time student, now. I'm still working full time, though. The first couple of weeks haven't been bad, but this week is the first test I'll have. I have 6 papers to write, and no telling how many smaller assignments. I twitch thinking about it. The first night there, it felt like one of those weird dreams you have where you're back in school, but you can't find your class. It was dark outside, and I've never gone to school after dark, except as a kid for fall festival type stuff. It was surreal. I'm trying to finish up my degree as soon as possible, but it won't be easy. I graduated High School over 13 years ago. I attended my last class of college 2 years later. Before last week, it had been over 11 years since I sat in a classroom.

I can remember when I was 17, sitting in a tree stand on some property near my parent's house thinking about how different things would be when I went off to college. I saw my adult life in front of me. High school was over. My plans were to attend a local community college for 2 years, then transfer to UA. I did the two years, but never made the transfer. It left me with a sense of failure for years. I hope to remedy that.