Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Imagine them all NAKED

The first time I ever played guitar and sang by myself in front of people, I was very nervous. It was at church, when I was a kid. I was very intimidated by the number of people there, which may have been 150, but seemed like a million. I didn't want to have all those eyes on me. I was twitching and trembling when a preacher offered me a piece of advice. He said, "Imagine all the people in their underwear, and they don't seem so scary." I was somewhat shocked by his advice, and slightly taken aback. I did it, though, and except for when I almost started laughing at an elderly woman, it worked.

Now, I don't really care what the people look like when I'm playing. It's still fun to imagine them naked, though. When I get to play now, I'm not playing in churches, so sometimes I have to imagine them WITH clothes on. Like when Justin takes his shirt off.