Monday, July 11, 2005

Dennis the Dork

Dennis turned out to be a phantom menace but, he wasn't a sissy. He just didn't live up to Ivan. Everyone was afraid at first. "Board up your houses and businesses!!!" Then, when Dennis didn't hit their area, they started saying it wasn't a bad storm. Hogwash.

They called me at home Saturday and told me not to come in to work Monday. The storm was going to be too bad. Then, I got a call last night at 9:30pm to come in today. Since the storm didn't really hit Montgomery, they thought it wasn't doing any damage. I'm not a happy camper. I had to drive past downed power lines, and through 14 traffic lights that were out. There were 2 traffic lights working, and one of them had a blinking light. I acted like a jerk when I got to work, complaining about having to drive through that junk. Another person who doesn't live as far away from work as I do called in and said they couldn't make it to work. I should've turned around and went home when I saw the power lines down.

I grilled burgers while what was left of the eye passed over my house. It didn't seem like it was anything more than a bad rainstorm. It did a few things that Ivan couldn't do, like blowing my 'No Trespassing' sign away. My big oak was taken by Ivan, so I really didn't have a good gauge for the wind speed. My guestimate is 30-45mph with gusts up to 70mph. Ivan was 60-75mph with gusts up to 100 when it passed over.