Wednesday, May 18, 2005

RIAA vs. MP3

I'm tired of seeing all these news stories about some RIAA lawsuit against a 14 year old girl or her guardian for downloading MP3s. I want to tell the RIAA to shut their hole, and get a life. They keep slobbering and jabbering about how MP3s have hurt the music industry. MY A$$. What's hurting the music industry is a bunch of dolts using cut and paste music with some ignorant short-bus reject talking over it. That, and idiots at the big labels jawing about MP3s.

MAYBE, if the labels and artists realized that Kazaa and the like are FREE PUBLICITY, and an easy way for people to try out their music without having to wait for it to come on the radio or MTV, they would stop trying to alienate their future fans.

MP3s aren't the same as a CD. CDs are for fans. A fan will go out and buy whatever you put out. A fan will come to your show. A fan buys a CD for the liner notes and little extras a downloaded MP3 just doesn't have.