Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Back in Blue/Black Metallic

The Say-turn is back!!! I ground off the fouled bolts on the tensioner Monday, got new bolts Tuesday, and drove it to work Today.

Things I've had replaced on the 1994 Say-turn SL2 (that I can remember):

1. Alternator- The alternator was the first thing to give out, back in '98 I think
2. Another Alternator- The replacement alternator went bad, and I had to get it replaced again... '99 I think
3. 1999 I had a major wreck. Hood, left front quarter panel, grill and left front suspension replaced.
4. Yet a third alternator (in '00 I think- The previous replacement alternators came from AutoZone, so I took it to the dealership instead. The dealership alternator is still in service as of '04.)
5. Moon Roof rail in 2001
6. Fuel pump and filter in '02
7. Sensor in '03
8. Timing chain in '04
9. Water pump in '04
10.Belt tensioner in '04

I hope to be able to drive it more often, as my Chevy truck drinks gas.