Sunday, October 13, 2019


Sundays go by so quickly. This was a three day weekend for me. I accomplished very little, other than rest.

Now, Monday is at the door. I've been trying really hard to not dread Mondays. Last week did NOT help that.

Let's try this again.

Insecure or Despot?

Why are so many people afraid of losing their authoritarian leaders? There shouldn't be that many people with insecurities so debilitating that their logic is maimed to such a degree that they would rather be imprisoned for their own 'safety' than be responsible enough to make their own decisions. Are people inherently that insecure?

Probably not. They aren't afraid of making their own decisions, they're afraid of other people making decisions for themselves. That's where their concerns most likely lie. If it's not their own insecurity, it has to be that they, themselves, in their arrogance, want to be the authoritarian dictator, and see those 'leaders' as role models.

Friday, October 11, 2019

To Feel Right

Groupthink is a comforting pool. There's no need for real responsibility. You get to feel like a part of something. It can be so satisfying to say something you know everyone will agree with.

Even when you're wrong, you get to feel good about it. You can believe a lie, because everyone else does. The collective can convince you anything is okay, because you don't have to feel bad about doing wrong, as long as the group says it's okay.

Feeling right and being right aren't the same, though. 'Right' might be subjective, but there are some objective facts. Letting that good feeling blow away the facts is terrifyingly bad.

The Story

Don't miss out on opportunities for inspiration. Learn the important lessons and don't waste that precious inspiration on subterfuge. There is nothing more capable of stabbing a hole in your heart than seeing emptiness fill the windows to the soul where once was light and hope.

The story can take a sharp turn, with twists beyond comprehension. It's never to be understood, but you want more of it. It will trigger all of your emotions. Trying to understand it may not bring closure, but the quest brings it's own kind of fulfillment.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Altered States

A person's eyes can seem to indicate that they're viewing the world like an inebriated person, even when they're stone cold sober. They've got themselves deluded into believing some sort of fantasy, and it shows through the crazy shine in their eyes. You'd best not challenge that mess. Go along, friend, or you'll bear the brunt of the atoms splitting when that rift tears open in their reality.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

This Is...

Next time I come up with something I really want to remember, I need to write it down. Only bits and pieces of my memory seem to work. The bits are just on or off, and the pieces are all from different puzzles.

Hopefully, when I see what I've written, it will help me remember. It probably still won't. None of it will make sense, because what I thought would make me remember, won't. Good luck with that.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Stealing Order

Chaos always shows up unannounced, trying to start something. His passion is for setting fires and fanning the flames. It feels good when you can grab him by the throat and watch the spark of disorder fade from his eyes.

Mercifully, what manner of destruction he could've wrought will, hopefully, never be known. He is a creature of limitless resourcefulness. Keeping him at bay for other day feels good.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Positive Unknowns

Seeing things from the optimist's perspective can tire you out. The old imagination needs to be stoked, once in a while. When the ability to imagine things being better begins to fade, it's time to find inspiration.

For me, it's the limitless and expansive beauty of the unknown. When needed, it always seems to find me and show me new and wonderful things I didn't know. Just because there's no view of the full half of the glass, at the time, doesn't mean there aren't an infinite amount of glasses overflowing, and that fact becomes apparent.

Progessing in Reverse

We're trying to short-circuit who we are, calling it progress. It just leaves us all the emptier inside. Instead of pursuing the things that fulfill us, we've started trying to pretend we can be what we're not.

This will come to an end. There are those pretending to fight who they are, making a good show just to pacify us. They won't pretend forever. As soon as you're weak and unprotected enough, they'll grab you violently and undo everything you've deceived yourself into thinking you'd accomplished.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

I'm Ishi

Years ago, I watched a documentary about one of the last indigenous people in America who hadn't been put in a reservation or assimilated. His tribe was down to the last family, after being almost wiped out by prospecting surveyors two years earlier. Starving, this man was the last survivor of his group when he came out of hiding to find food.

He was promptly captured by law enforcement. When asked who he was, he told them, in his native tongue, "I'm human." To him, these creatures who had tried to kill him and to wipe out his people were aliens. They weren't human, like he was, but had to be some other type of being.

Hearing people speak, today, while observing popular culture and watching a lot of other alien behavior, I think I feel the same way he did.