Sunday, December 16, 2018

Your Lot

We all know our days on this earth are numbered. To one type of person, that knowledge might encourage a drive to achieve as much as possible in the time that's left. To another type, knowing that time is limited might inspire a desire to make those remaining days as comfortable as possible. One of them rarely ever understands the other, but they both set goals and try to follow whatever paths weave their way to the desired end.

If you're following a path, you're probably on the wrong one. If you see what you want, head toward it. The way isn't always clear, but the adventure will make life worth living.

It's our lot to be enchanted and mystified. To deny that is the real tragedy. If you're lucky, many, many years from now you'll be enraptured to your end while engaged in guessing about some abstruse curiosity.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Put to Use in My Old Griefs

Motivation can be so elusive when it comes to after-hours projects. So much motivation and energy go into daily activities. When the requisite tasks are satisfied for the day, and affairs are put in order, it's hard to recharge the batteries for other things.

If you can create a muse for yourself, you'll be ahead of the game. It will motivate you to do those other creative endeavors. Just be careful not to choose a muse that you can too easily lose.

Thursday, December 13, 2018



Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Food Changes Mood

The holidays are always good for food where I work. I don't think I've had to eat the lunch I brought for weeks. Today was no exception. There were 20 deep fried turkeys. 20.

In spite of all the food, in spite of all the turkeys, all 20 of them... in spite of the tryptophan, cookies and cokes, there was a little sadness.

For the last 12 or so years, my wonderful girl and I have enjoyed Wednesday night supper on a regular basis. But tonight, due to my sweetheart being a bit under the weather, there was to be no Wednesday night date. After ensuring her health, and desire to rest, I ventured out into the cold Selma streets to find food. Alone.

Then, my phone vibrated... friends wanted to eat with me! Having heard my quiet supplication, they responded and my solitude was broken. The sadness, treated with a healthy dose of food and friends, was allayed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Water Flowing Underground

This has been showing up in my suggested playlist a lot, lately:

The days do really fly by more and more quickly. Today was ok. What will tomorrow bring?

Monday, December 10, 2018

Be Your Own Hero

You might think that, somewhere, you'd be somebody's hero. And you may, sometime, hope to find yourself in a place like a puzzle missing a piece just your size. Well, if you're curious, it's sad to say you'll probably never find that utopian place.

Cheer up, though, you can be your own hero and you'll always fit in right where you are.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Youtube Brings Out the Worst

Watching news and youtube videos can be bad for your outlook on humanity. One really has to hope that there is some large number of unseen people who aren't as terrible as those portrayed in various medias. What's the worst is how it makes you look at those around you. People you know start to fit the stereotypes of those in the videos. You notice the traits of the just-plain-awful characters appearing on the screen and are horrified when you begin to recognize those traits in acquaintances.

The pop-psychology, punditry, and 'exposing' of the general whoredom of modern society are so disheartening. The mirror starts to seem a little scary. Unconsciously avoiding the behaviors decried by these 'experts' starts to be an actual issue if you're at all an introspective person.

Then, after watching another video, it becomes apparent that there is no way I could be as horrific as those people. Maybe that's supposed to be the whole point; seeing how terrible they are is supposed to make you feel better about the petty things you do. It doesn't work, though. It just reminds... no, terrifies the critical thinker to imagine that those people are among us, outwardly behaving as if they're normal... smiling and laughing while at the same time they're manipulating, lying and contemplating how to steal, kill or get what they want at any cost. So creepy.